Successful User Adoption -- Effective Utilization 

You've rolled out your new application, but: 

So users...

You had great expectations for the application, but not any more. Lagging user adoption and partial utilization have made full success impossible. 

Why QuickSuccess?

QuickSuccess is designed to eliminate the common user-adoption problems that often undermine application rollouts. It's a way to ensure that your users will be able to complete all their application-related responsibilities the first day and every day, even as the application or the business processes change over time. 

With the QuickSuccess just-in-time platform, you can deliver to your users all the up-to-date knowledge, guidance, and answers they need at the precise point within the application that they need them. This platform, the QuickSuccess Sidekick, syncs the appropriate guidance and resources to the user's current location in the application, making that knowledge instantly accessible and immediately useable. Prior training is re-enforced, while knowledge that is forgotten, or was not covered in training courses, is easily learned as users follow the instructions for completing the appropriate tasks.

You can choose the mode of support you want to provide:
And, you can deliver the support with text, audio, video, Flash--whatever format your users need. 

QuickSuccess provides the piece that has been missing from application training and support: a platform for an on-going, dynamic dialog between you and your users. Now you can provide continuous support, on an as-needed basis, for the life of the application. You can update the support immediately as you notice recurring errors and other performance problems, as the application changes over time, and as processes get redefined without the need to touch the underlying application!   

How Does QuickSuccess Work? 

QuickSuccess is a small application that appears as a sidebar (the Sidekick) alongside the application to be supported. The Sidekick displays content that has been synced with the application, so that what users see varies with their current location within the application. When the user needs guidance or an answer to a question, she clicks a button to update the content in the Sidekick, views the support she needs, and immediately applies what she has learned. Depending on the nature of the support she needs, it may be displayed with Sidekick or opened within another browser window.

QuickSuccess is supported by a Content Manager tool that provides full word processing features for easy editing. Templates can be created to make authoring even faster. The tool permits multi-party authoring and allows for iterative feedback and collaboration, making it easier for subject matter experts and other stakeholders to take part in creating the content your users need. Once written, the content can be quickly saved and published, making it instantly available to all users. Numerous options are available for launching the Sidekick and hosting the content manager and the content files, including running all from a C/RS secure server.  

The Bottom Line

QuickSuccess, by bringing dynamic, actionable learning (knowledge, guidance, and answers) to the precise Point of Performance where users can use it, extends your training efforts to ensure successful user adoption and utilization.

Pricing/Customization Options

There are several QuickSuccess packages available, designed and priced to match your company's needs, technology framework, and budget requirements. C/RS, recognized leaders in performance support solutions for 15 years, can provide a variety of services to get your organization up and running right away with QuickSuccess and to help you take full advantage of its power. For more information contact us at or call us at 203-389-4440.

New: Available 4th Quarter 2010 - The QuickSuccess Sidekick for Salesforce

The QuickSuccess Sidekick for Salesforce will offer the just-in-time power and easy implementation and customization described above. But it will also contain pre-populated core support for all the key tasks and pages of the standard Salesforce implementation. Your organization can then modify the content to match your specific customizations, processes, rules, and best practices. Please check back for further information.

Next Step 

The power of QuickSuccess can best be seen through a guided demo. We would be happy to arrange one at your convenience. For more information contact us at or call us at 203-389-4440.