What are the goals and activities of the Analysis phase?

The Analysis phase is the examination of the gap between the desired performance and actual performance and the reasons for this gap. The gap in performance might be due to a lack of skill, knowledge, aptitude, or a host of other factors that impact performance. During this phase you gather data to determine the root cause of the performance issue or opportunity and determine the appropriate solution—whether it is training or another intervention.

Use the Project Checklist to ensure you have completed all the key activities in this phase.

Key Activities:

  • Identifying factors that drive/restrain performance
  • Task analysis
  • Data collection (e.g., focus groups, interviews, surveys)
  • Data analysis
  • Determining the appropriate solution
  • Engaging clients/stakeholders in the Analysis phase


  • Factors that drive/restrain performance
  • Data from at least two different resources
  • Data/task analysis and key findings
  • Identified solution

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