What are the goals and activities of the Design phase?

In the Analysis phase you identified the solution that will close the gap between the desired and actual performance. If the solution is training, the Design phase involves designing that solution, whether it is a classroom-based training program, e-Learning, self-study, on-the-job training or a blend of a variety of instructional design methods. During this phase you create performance objectives based on the outcomes you are trying to achieve, and then design a learning experience based on those objectives. The result is a high-level design document which is validated by your client and/or key stakeholders and serves as the blueprint for your solution.

Use the Project Checklist to ensure you have completed all the key activities in this phase.

Key Activities:

  • Determining learner characteristics

  • Developing learning objectives

  • Determining learning methods and activities

  • Developing the High-Level Design Document (and Detailed Design Document if working with outside vendors)

  • Validating and gaining approval for design

  • Engaging clients/stakeholders during this phase


  • Validated and approved High-Level Design Document or Detailed Design Document if working with outside vendor

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