What are the goals and activities of the Development phase?

During the Development Phase, use the High-Level Design Document to work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create instructional materials to support the learning experience. For classroom-based learning this may include participant workbooks, instructor guides, visuals, prework and handouts. If you are designing an online learning experience, you may develop slides for your Placeware/WebEx/LN Presenter session supporting materials. For on-the-job training you may be developing task training checklists, reference materials and job aids. These materials are then reviewed and approved for a pilot test.

Use the Project Checklist to ensure you have completed all the key activities in this phase.

Key Activities:

  • Securing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Developing instructional methods and materials (e.g., prework, workbook, instructor notes, handouts, visuals, website, e-Learning modules, evaluation form, on-the-job training checklists, train-the-trainer materials)
  • Gaining approval of all instructional materials
  • Engaging clients/stakeholders during this phase


  • Approved instructional methods and materials

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