What is the Weather Routing Wizard?

The Weather Routing Wizard is a:

  • Step-by-step guide- helping you apply weather concepts to sailing.  It's as if you're being coached by master Weather Router, Bill Biewenga.
  • Weather internet portal - acting like a filter for the thousands of resources on the Internet, navigating you through the best ones, and continuously updating the resources as they become available to the public.
  • Reference Tool - helping you collect, analyze and interpret weather data. 

To get started, click on Initial Planning on the menu on the left, or use the Phases menu at the top.

I've helped dozens of people achieve their sailing objectives, whether that is to sail faster around the buoys or around the world, or simply to add a measure of safety as they take their family offshore. Often people ask me how I organize my thoughts, and can I share my thought process so that they can learn to do it themselves.

We've tried to capture that thought process in the "Weather Routing Wizard."   The Wizard walks you through the process that I use when I work with private clients and racing campaigns.

- Bill Biewenga


PREREQUISITES: This Wizard builds on basic knowledge of climatology, meteorology, synoptic weather, and oceanography. Training on these subjects are available through WxAdvantage and NorthU. Click on References in the Tools Menu for Weather Training options.


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