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ActiveGuide, a remarkable new tool from RockeTools, enables C/R Solutions to deliver powerful, interactive support for your end users. Co-residing in the same browser window with the live application, a C/RS ActiveGuide support solution can monitor and shape your user’s experience with the application.

What does that mean? Imagine a support solution that can:

  • Guide users,
    • Ensure that users follow the correct procedures every time from Day One, while avoiding the mistakes novices invariably make.
    • Be turned on or off as the user wishes for true just-in-time support.
    • Detect the user’s location within the application and provide precise information and decision-making support for the step at hand.
  • Follow the workflow,
    • Choose appropriate branches in the procedure flow based on the user’s previous entries and actions.
    • Embed your business rules right into the user interface to ensure user compliance with broader company policies and processes.
    • Provide “wizards” to automatically complete difficult or redundant procedures and alternative paths and interfaces to make the application more intuitive.
  • Leverage learning,
    • Serve as both a learning interface and on-the-job support
  • Yet work outside the actual application.
    • Provide all of the above without touching or altering a single line of your application’s code

ActiveGuide is an award-winning software tool which can enable your end-users to start being productive immediately.

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