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Christensen/Roberts Solutions has reseller relationships with the developers of the leading performance support applications. These relationships enable us to select and work with appropriate tools for each solution, creating both stand-alone and embedded performance support solutions within live applications. By analyzing a client’s business processes, we can generate "wizards" that automate them, facilitate the movement of data into and among diverse applications, and integrate knowledge assets into the system environment. As a result, you decrease time to competency and achieve both Day-One performance and Day-Two efficiency.


Through our reseller’s agreement with ActiveGuide, from Rocketools, we can create live, interactive training and support for browser-based applications. Our solutions guide and monitor a user’s progress through required procedures. At the user’s discretion, he can instantly access such support features as task walkthroughs, step-by-step guides, live-action simulations, input validation, and automated wizards. Moreover, we can interject “smart” support for business rules and conditional branching based on the user’s actions and input. ActiveGuide solutions mediate between the user and the business process application without touching the underlying application code.


C/R Solutions provides a very powerful set of application learning/support solutions through its reseller relationship with Epiance, Inc. At the core of the Epiplex suite of solutions is its ability to capture all the details of a business task or process from a subject matter expert or system developer using the application or system. From these captured business tasks and processes, we generate (and/or update) rich learning solutions, including animation, simulation, tests, and documentation, more quickly and easily than any alternative approaches.

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