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C/R Solutions has provided Day One Support to end users in numerous organizations. Each program has a common goal: enabling inexperienced users to accomplish their assigned tasks while substantially reducing, or eliminating, extensive, expensive, and often ineffective, training programs. Here are a few examples:

1. Securities Processing

Program to train and support employees major financial services institution on the use of securities processing software applications. The solutions included animations, simulations, and documentation that were made available for use both as training prior to using the application and as step-by-step task guidance while working with the application.



Client Problem/Need: Our client needed to migrate 6000 users from legacy mainframe systems to two new web-based applications they had developed.

Our Approach: C/R Solutions focused on providing users with a single package of training, documentation, and on-the-job performance support all embedded within the application, utilizing the quick capture and development made possible by the Epiplex suite of solutions.

Our Delivered Solution: We provided task-based procedural instruction, with multiple learning/support options (Show Me animations, Guide Me simulations, Test Me evaluations, and documentation) for each key task. The training/support was accessible from both the corporate Learning Management System and on-the-job from within each application.

Benefits Achieved: With our solution, our client was able to achieve substantial savings from reducing classroom training by three-quarters, eliminating the need for writing separate documentation, replacing the previous support procedures of screen captures and print-based procedural guides. For example, in one of the applications, 1360 out of a total of 1400 end-users went from the mainframe to the web-based application without any instructor-led training -- using the Epiplex solution alone to transition successfully.

Tool: EpiPlex


2. Life Insurance

A Performance Support program to train life insurance sales and sales support people on a new “illustration” application. The program included on-demand, step-by-step animation and guidance for each of the major tasks they needed to perform.



Client Problem/Need: Our client needed all of its life insurance agents to successfully use a new application that generated “illustrations” (projections of investment and benefits) for prospective clients.

Our Approach: C/R Solutions recommended that our client move beyond the traditional up-front training event to create a simultaneous, online support “coach” that guided users through each of the tasks they would have to perform.

Our Delivered Solution: The coach provided users with detailed guidance for each of the key tasks, concurrently with the application at the point in which they were completing the task. The support included animations for how to do the task, instructions to guide the user through each step in the task, a glossary of key terms, and context-sensitive help for each field in the application. The users learned the application as they were doing their work rather than before in a training course.

Benefits Achieved: With our solution, our client was able to achieve substantial savings from reducing classroom training. In addition, help desk calls were reduced significantly because complete step-by-step support was always available with one click. Moreover, agents and their assistants spent less time away from their sales responsibilities struggling to learn the application.



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