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Learning and doing are not separate functions. People learn best while doing, while following the workflow of their jobs, and while using the tools that will enable them to perform.

Knowledge workers engage in numerous divergent activities each day in order to carry out their often complex responsibilities. Because of this complexity, their job performance is likely to suffer when they:

  • do not know, remember, or understand the process, the workflow, or the steps they need to follow; or
  • do not have ready access to the knowledge and tools they need to do the job effectively.

Christensen/Roberts Solutions has pioneered the Performance Toolkit concept to eliminate those specific problems.

Performance Toolkits are powerful performance enablers because they organize the tools and knowledge employees need within the structure of the tasks employees want to perform. Employees select the task they want to perform, and the Performance Toolkit guides them step-by-step through its execution. At each step of the way, the Performance Toolkit links them directly to a full array of tools, best practices, tips, and references that will ensure the task is done effectively. Thus, both the overall process and the specific responsibilities are fully supported.

The Performance Toolkit is both a training precursor for employees in new or redesigned job roles as well as an on-the-job performance guide, without the costly redundancy of producing two separate solutions. By applying learning at the point of maximum impact and providing ongoing support for all relevant responsibilities, you get maximum effectiveness and efficiency from this solution.

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Buckminster Fuller: If you want a man to think differently you don’t teach him to think differently. You give him a tool, the use of which will require him to think differently.


What if we focused less on teaching about work and more on finding ways to enable it?