Partnerships:    Taurus Concepts    |    |    WLH Consulting    |    Learning Cooperative

Over the last 16 years, Christensen/Roberts Solutions has demonstrated its abilty to produce a broad range of innovative solutions for clients in a variety of industries. At the same time, we continue to expand our offerings and capabilities by establishing working relationships with other companies whose services complement or supplement what we already provide. 

In recent years we have formed strategic partnerships with several organizations:
  • Taurus Concepts: Taurus delivers outstanding cost savings to its clients by indentifying and eliminating organizational inefficiencies. C/RS is working with Taurus to ensure that clients will be able to sustain those improvements over time.
  • TTS provides a unique and cost-effective method to enable SMEs and content experts to create and present effective Web-Based Training (WBT) on their own. C/RS works with clients to ensure that they achieve those goals.
  • WLH Consulting: WLH offers proven approaches to enhance business and management effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry. C/RS' performance improvement strategies complement WLH's approach.
  • Learning Cooperative: The Coop draws on the talents of a collection of highly experienced training experts to develop and deliver top quality training programs. C/RS' capabilities to strengthen on-the-job performance play a key role in the success of those programs.