Partnerships:    Taurus Concepts    |    |    WLH Consulting    |    Learning Cooperative (TTS) meets the needs of organizations that have adopted, or are moving towards, a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) training strategy, that is, those who have placed training development responsibilities in the hands of in-house Subject Matter Experts. Working with TTS' program and materials, C/RS will ensure that our clients' content experts, most of whom have little experience in designing and delivering training, will be able to create effective Web-Based Training programs. 

DIY as a Response to Budget Pressures
As anyone active in the training industry knows, when corporations search for personnel and budget cuts, the training department is usually the first place they look. The current economic difficulties are no exception: according to Bersin, training expenditures have been slashed a whopping 21% over the two-year period 2007 - 2009. What does this mean for corporate learning and development in the United States?  

  • Training budgets are generally shrinking.
  • Internal resources are overextended.
  • The new trend is DIY training development.
  • SMEs have been asked to take up the slack.
  • Training quality and efficiency has declined.

Embracing DIY as a Solution
As training budgets and resources are evaporating, Do-It-Yourself (homegrown) training is often taking up the slack. However, Do-It-Yourselfers often create content and learning experiences of dubious quality. What’s a L&D leader to so? Budgets for outsourced development may eventually rebound but the ability to hire in additional internal training staff is likely to be years away. DIY is here to stay.

TTS believes the way forward is to embrace DIY training development and focus on increasing the training department’s productivity. It is possible to “do more with less” through the targeted application of process, skills, critical knowledge and technology:

  • Provide SMEs the expertise and guidance they need to create effective training.
  • Create Web-Based Training (WBT) via a templated, web-based authoring environment.
  • Extend training department productivity.

Take Control of Your Content has provided a unique and cost-effective method that enables SMEs and content experts to create and present effective training on their own. In an integrated and easy-to–use, integrated package, they have created everything an inexperienced SME or training designer needs:

  • Simplified, collaborative authoring environment for WBT development
    • Web-based
    • Collaborative
    • Pre-templated screens and course flows
  • SME Training Developer Start-up Package
    • Simplified Training Development Process™ designed to help SMEs create effective training
    • Start-up Seminar on instructional design 
    • How to use the authoring environment
  • Project-specific support package
    • Project-specific coaching from experienced training design professionals to provide your SMEs step-by-step guidance and “hand-holding”, as they create courseware
    • Access to our comprehensive TTS Toolkit for training design
    • Project support services as needed (graphic design, ID, PM)

C/RS has partnered with TTS to deliver the benefits of their package to our client's organizations.

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