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Taurus Concepts, well recognized globally for their process optimization skills, the cost savings they've produced for their clients, and the professionalism with which they conduct their work, are a perfect complement to Christensen/Roberts Solutions. Partnersnip with Taurus enables C/RS to greatly expand our scope, reach, and effectiveness, helping us to not only improve and sustain performance but to identify and remove larger barriers within broader business processes. 

Acting jointly, C/RS and Taurus follow a process that:

  • Quickly and effectively unearths the inefficiencies in our clients’ key internal processes,  identifies the root causes to be addressed, and creates a plan and fixed-price proposal for delivering guaranteed cost-savings and improvement.
  • Produces all of the measurable savings benefits we commit to deliver (typically 70% ROI during the project--36 weeks--and 250% ROI after one year of its completion) and sets up processes and infrastructure to enable our clients to sustain those gains over time.
In today's unforgiving economic environment, maintaining a competitive edge is essential. Achieving and sustaining significant cost savings and process and performance improvement--guaranteed and risk-free--makes success considerably easier.

For more information on this strategic relationship, you can download a presentation on how C/RS and Taurus Concepts are working together and a description of the capabilities and track record of the two companies.

You can also visit the Taurus Concepts website: and download white papers on Taurus Concepts' value-proposition and their approach.