What We Offer:    End User Training/Support    |    Performance Toolkits    |    Blended Learning

To our clients, Christensen/Roberts Solutions makes the following commitment:

We will enable your employees to perform their tasks and responsibilities more effectively, more efficiently, and sooner than is possible through any alternative means. Moreover, we will dramatically reduce your investment (the cost of training, the cost of training support staff, and trainees’ productivity time) in achieving those objectives.

From our experience meeting our commitments to a broad spectrum of clients and under a variety of individual circumstances, C/R Solutions has fashioned three flexible and inter-connectible solution strategies:

  • End User Training and Support: embedded performance support solutions for software application end-users that reduce the time needed to learn how to use new software applications.
  • Performance Toolkits: online “coaches” for knowledge workers that guide them through complex work processes while providing task-specific knowledge, skill support, and work-enabling tools at each task and step.
  • Blended Learning: online portals for integrating a variety of training components with tools and ongoing support for new learning