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An end user's job is not to use software applications but rather to do her work with those applications. Every minute spent learning an application is lost productivity.

Few applications are created with perfectively intuitive interfaces. That creates an obstacle that end users must overcome before they can be productive.

But suppose you could add intuitiveness and intelligence to the interface? Suppose novice users could sit down with the application on Day One and use it effectively? Suppose the application guided users through their key tasks, step-by-step, providing just the right amount of learning and support to do the task? Suppose the application could ensure that the task was done correctly the first time—and every time?

Our approach is to do just that. Rather than teach end users to master the difficulties of the application, we focus first on reducing or removing those difficulties.

It's like attaching a set of training wheels to a bicycle. The training wheels support a novice bike rider so she can begin to ride immediately without fear of falling or failure. And she can remove the training wheels when they are no longer needed.

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In the old video game of Frogger, the goal for the frogs was to get across the highway without getting flattened by trucks. The process was slow, and many frogs failed to complete the trip.


Imagine if the frogs had thought to build a walkway over the highway to eliminate the obstacles rather than focusing on learning how to navigate through them.