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C/R Solutions was formed in 1994 to provide expertise and tools for design, development, and delivery of solutions that ensure business performance through human performance--at a fraction of the cost and with greater effectiveness than all other alternatives.

We are the dream team that shows up and becomes your partner in addressing organizational performance with excellence. We provide just enough, just in time.

We are committed to providing proven methods and superior technology in an environment of hard work, honesty, confidence, and mutual respect. We believe that your human assets are your greatest strengths, and we are committed to helping you build them through our methods, our technology, our partnerships, and our example.

Our partners, staff and associates, pioneers in e-learning and performance support, collectively represent 10 decades of innovation that has created scores of successful organizations.

Together, C/R Solutions partners and staff bring over 100 years of instructional design and development experience to each client engagement.