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C/R Solutions, through its Service Provider relationship with Epiance, Inc., provides the most powerful set of application learning/support solutions possible. At the core of the Epiplex suite of solutions is its ability to capture all the details of a subject matter expert (SME) or system developer using the application or system. From these captured business tasks and processes, we generate (and/or update) rich learning solutions, including animation, simulation, tests, and documentation, more quickly and easily than any alternative approaches. As a result, you decrease time to competency and achieve both Day-One performance and Day-Two efficiency.

C/R Solutions can also address larger application use issues through Epiplex's ability to integrate applications and add knowledge assets to applications. From captured business processes, we can generate "wizards" that automate business processes, facilitate the movement of data into and among diverse applications, and integrate knowledge assets into the system environment. New applications are generated from existing ones, and existing applications are made simple to use.

Whether creating learning solutions or reducing the effort required to complete key tasks, C/RS enables more powerful performance. And by leveraging the limited time of your subject matter experts and developers, your investment is smaller than ever before.

By taking aim at improving performance, C/R Solutions ensures that your organization enjoys outstanding and sustainable results, both today and tomorrow.

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