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C/RS offers extensive experience in the field of financial services. Our expertise includes:

Financial Application Training/Support  Technical Process Management
 Product Knowledge  Improving Physician Documentation
 Management Skills  SME Training Support

Sample Projects:

Securities Transaction Applications

A three-pronged training and support system for end users of two applications. For each task in the application, users experience a Show Me animation to explain the task, a Guide Me simulation for training and practice, and documentation for reference.

Insurance “Illustration” Application

An online “coach” that provided step-by-step training and support for building a customer “illustration” as part of the sales process. The coach ran simultaneously with the application and guided agents and assistants through each key task as they completed the form. It also provided context-sensitive help for each field and animations of the more important and/or difficult tasks.

Branch Office Management

A blended learning system to prepare a selected group of Financial Advisors for assuming the duties of Branch Office Manager. The solution included classroom training, online simulations of typical office issues, online reference, and weekly communication with experienced managers, all integrated through a common portal.

Technology Project Management

A training/performance toolkit solution to provide initial training and ongoing, online support (tools, best practices, artifacts, references) for the roll out of two major new processes (Microsoft Solutions Framework and Microsoft Operations Framework).