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Christensen/Roberts Solutions offers extensive experience in the field of health care compliance. Our expertise includes:

 HIPAA compliance  E&M coding
 Billing compliance  Physician documentation
 Medicare regulations  Gift policies

Sample Projects:

Compliance Basics (online training)

An introductory course covering the basics of health care compliance for all employees, delivered online. Includes basic information about the client institution's commitment to ethical standards and compliance, employees' obligations regarding compliance, understanding fraud and abuse, civil and criminal consequences of non-compliance, requirements for reporting suspected non-compliance, background checks, gift policies and more. It was designed to meet Federal requirements regarding compliance training for all employees.

Compliance Basics includes review questions, pre- and post-course testing and an Action Maze. Approximately 94% of learners who fail the pre-test are able to pass the post-test after taking the course. All content is easily accessible and documented.

Billing Basics (online training)

A course for managers and staff directly involved in billing that addresses the specifics of Federal billing compliance. This course covers key elements in the billing process including documentation, medical necessity, and valid orders, as well as major billing risk areas including upcoding, double billing, unbundling, duplicate billing, billing for services not rendered, ABNs, and rules for teaching physicians.

Billing Basics is supported by institution-specific examples designed to reinforce learners' understanding of the material covered as well as review questions and a post-course test.

Department-Specific Training (PowerPoint presentation and design tools)

Templates, design instructions, and an instructor's guide for training individual departments in Federal billing compliance. Using a set of templates and questionnaires, Compliance staff work with individual departments to identify billing risks and concerns specific to the department. They are then guided through the creation of institution-specific examples that are used to generate a PowerPoint presentation for customized department staff training. This approach has been used successfully in departments as diverse as ambulatory care, anesthesia, and clinical labs.

Surgical Pathology Coding Manual

The Surgical Pathology Coding Manual is a 100-page document that is designed to help pathologists (or pathology fellows) select appropriate CPT® (Current Procedural Terminology) codes for surgical pathology services. Its approach is unique in the field in that it is designed to allow the physician to look up an organ or tissue, the anatomical system it is part of, the surgical procedure that was performed, or the pathological procedure that is being conducted and quickly review CPT codes related to each.

Organized into three parts, the main section consists of an alphabetical listing of organs, tissues, surgical procedures, anatomical systems, and pathology services with related CPT codes and specialized coding notes. The second section presents 35 concise general coding guidelines for surgical pathology that summarize the most important coding rules and definitions. The third section contains sixteen in-depth analyses of coding situations that are especially relevant to the institution for which it was prepared. These examples demonstrate the application of the coding guidelines in real-life situations and offer an overview of the process of selecting appropriate codes.

C/R Solutions Health Care Compliance Team includes:

Clare Cherney, MD, is board certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases and after 13 years of clinical practice, turned her efforts to health care compliance in 1999. She has served previously as Hospital Epidemiologist and Chair of Infection Control for the Hospital of St. Raphael. While an Associate Clinical Instructor at the Yale Medical School, Dr. Cherney also served as Chief of Infection Control for Yale University Health Services. She combines her knowledge of hospital processes with her extensive compliance expertise to bring a unique perspective to her health care compliance consulting.

Lisa Freeman has over 20 years' experience in writing, editing, and producing content for the web and in print. A former academic book publisher, she was director of the University of Minnesota Press from 1990-97 and was involved in early efforts to define how to apply intellectual property law to the Internet. She founded a successful Internet database business and earned her dot-com merit badge as senior vice president for content management at Since 2000, she has worked as a consultant in marketing and web-based based communications.