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Christensen/Roberts Solutions offers extensive experience in the field of telecommunications. Our expertise includes:

 Voice Over IP (VOIP)  Technical/Product Sales
 Voice and Data Switching  Executive Sales
 Call Center and CRM technologies  Call Center Management Training
 Wireless  Call Center Agent Training

Sample Projects:

PARTNER Challenge

An electronic blended learning solution. Computer-Based Training with seemless interface to a robust back-end knowledge base. Designed as initial training, refresher training, and on-the-job reference tool. 

Account Information Manager (AIM)

A database-driven tool that walks a telecommunication company's sales associates through the process of building and maintaining a relationship with their sophisticated global customers. Designed to work on a laptop, the tool helps to capture and organize complex technical, personal and financial information about the customer's business. 

PreDesign Tool (For Technical Configurations)

Mimics the process a Design Engineer uses to configure a telecommunications solution by walking the engineer through the data-gathering process using a simple interview metaphor. The output of this tool is then used as input for the client's automated pricing tool to produce a final quote. The time required for gathering the data, as well as errors, were substantially reduced leading to more accurate configurations and happier customers. 

Cost Justification Tool

A simple excel-based tool that helps the client's sales organization to cost-justify a solution to the customer. The cost justification tool uses a variety of hard and soft dollar return on investment scenarios.