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C/RS has produced training and performance tools for other industries.

Sample Projects:

Minolta Micro-Toning Animation (Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or later required to view the animation.)

Weather Routing Training using virtual classroom technology (requires loading virtual classroom software to view archived web session)

Weather Routing Wizard (Toolkit) (requires registering for free trial on the North U website to use the Wizard)

Performance Factor Analysis Tool (walks you through a consideration of factors that might influence a performance gap)

Out for Blood Action Maze (designed to illustrate essential aspects of the Performance Factor Analysis tool)

Sea Breeze Action Maze

Flash Animations (sample animation of a developing sea breeze)





The "WxLive! Pacific Cup Race" has been selected as a winner of a 2004 Live Online Award (Lola). This Lola Award for "Creativity in Synchronous Design" recognizes outstanding achievement in the design, delivery and production of live online learning events. Winners were selected by a panel of experts from among a wide range of high-quality nominations received from across the globe. The 2004 Lolas are sponsored by LearningTimes, InSync Center, and other leaders in online learning and collaboration.